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It's Gift Guide Season!

As some of you may have noticed, my lofty blogging plans did not exactly pan out, and this is my first post in a little while. Life happens- in my case, more-lack-of-time than I had originally estimated with my job and my elusive mystery stomach illness worsening. But, it gave me the motivation to get back into it, even with something as simple as gift guides.

The first gift guide I'll present to you is for the boys in your life. Boyfriends, dads, brothers, grandfathers, guy friends... gift ideas for them are a question I get asked often, so I thought this would be a good place to start! I know there are a plethora of gift guides out there, but at least from my experience of browsing my favorite blogs recently, their gift guides are either directly helpful or give me inspiration. I hope mine can do the same for you!

Orvis' timeless wallets have won over both my dad and boyfriend, so perhaps it's time to give its magical well-liked-ness to my brother this year.

Does he have a favorite sports team? Surprise him with tickets to a game. If going to an actual game isn't realistic, you could also get a team jersey or tshirt.

If sports aren't his thing, you could give him something related to whatever his interests are. Some examples would be ski lift passes, tickets to a comedy (Spamalot is a personal favorite), gift certificate to a racetrack, admission to see a cool exhibit, etc.

I had my grandfather in mind when choosing to include this glass, but it would be a great option for any guy who enjoys a nice bourbon on the rocks. Depending on your recipient's personality, you could go for something cheeky, like "bottoms up," or a classic initial with the personalization options. 

I got these for my boyfriend for Christmas last year, and he lives in them. He loves them to both work out in and lounge around, because they're not only super comfy but have the fun detailing on the sides.

As for Christmas this year, my boyfriend not-so-subtly brought his admiration of this pullover to my attention when he visited me after a shift at J. Crew... which was perfect because I was already considering this for him (Corbin, if you're reading this, act surprised).

Because we all know that guys love to carry around too many keys that they don't even know what all of them are for. So you might as well give them something to put them all on. With all the designs to choose from, it's easy to find something to suit your giftee.

What are you giving the guys in your life this year?

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  1. Nice post! How did you make that chart?
    xo, HK


  2. Thank you! I make my graphics in either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro :)

  3. My husband would love the personalized barware
    xx, Jodi

  4. So happy to see a new blog post! But, I totally understand and oddly enough I battled a stomach illness for like two weeks! But in any case, so happy to see a new blog post from you girl. I've been loving gift guide posts and this one is great. My boyfriend is so hard to shop for and this definitely gave me some inspiration. Hope you're feeling better!


  5. Ah, my Disqus wasn't sending me notifications, I'm sorry for missing your comment! Thank you! It's been really hard to find the time that I'm not sleeping or commuting to make posts recently but I'm hoping once the holiday craziness dies down I'll have more free time :)

    I don't feel too great but luckily I have an appointment with an MGH specialist in mid-January, so not too far away!

  6. Aren't they great? My dad saw it and said he wants one too!