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Last Minute Gifts

Now, I hate to call this a "last minute" gift guide, because if you're like me, you would have knocked out your holiday list awhile ago, but only had the time to check off a few here and there. However, if you need ideas for something you can run out and get during that free half hour you find yourself with this weekend, here are some gifts that can be purchased in nearby stores!

Mug | Peppermint Bark (delicious) | Smart-Touch Gloves (40% off with code GIFTNOW) | Keurig | iPad Case/Tech accessories | Candle (these are the absolute best candles!) | Bluetooth Speaker System | Watch | All-In-One Makeup Palette | Perfume

Do you have anyone left on your list? 

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  1. Such good picks!! i love shopping for gifts for other people and I 100% agree with this list. I love that Anthropologie mug, it's so affordable, but so beautiful. I use mine all the time. Plus that UD palette is on the top of my wishlist!! Have a great holiday girl!


  2. Perfect! Good for you to get that shopping done early! I'm such a procrastinator that it usually ends up being done the week before Christmas! Cute list!

    xo Hannah Kate


  3. Thank you!! I need a new Anthro mug, I lost mine! I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

  4. Some of it I got done early, a couple I had to do the day of Christmas Eve due to my work schedule! Thank you! I hope you had a great Christmas!