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Lilly Spring '15 Collection

I had my second post-op checkup in the city yesterday (and got the great news that everything is on track and I can resume horseback riding 1 week earlier than originally estimated!!) and headed to Newbury Street afterwards. Of course, I had to make a stop at my favorite Boston store, In The Pink! A bunch of people have asked me questions on the fit of certain items and opinions on Lilly's current line, so here is a mini-review of the spring collection!


For reference, I am 5'6", 34C and about 128lbs. In previous Lilly collections, I am typically an XS/S or 2.

Disclaimer: I went for the fake-going-to-the-gym look for my appointment at MGH because I'm running out of enthusiasm for styling leggings, hence the bare feet in these pictures. Asics + Lilly dresses = not my best look.

I'm undecided about the print. It's fun, but it doesn't feel very "Lilly" to me. I thought the dress was adorable in the yellow print, but I spared you of me trying that one on... let's suffice to say that yellow is not my color.

Now for the actual fit of the dress- I was hoping the models Lilly used for this collection were taller than usual and that's why the dresses seemed so much shorter in the photos I'd seen, but the hemlines have definitely gone up. I have the Ardleigh Dress in Lobstah Roll, which is an extremely similar style, but the Christine is shorter and runs a size smaller. I tried this on in a 2 thinking it would fit like the Ardleigh, but I definitely should have grabbed a 4 instead.

I think this dress would work particularly well for more petite girls. Bonus points, it has built in padding in the bust- no bra needed. Can I get an amen.
(You can see the Meryl hanging to the left in the above photo- sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it on me!)

I didn't go into In The Pink looking for this dress in particular, but boy did it look gorgeous on the hanger, so I thought why not. You'd think with a name like Meryl, it would be fabulous, right? Oh man... not on me. I have broader shoulders and this dress did not flatter me at all. Such a shame, because the color and lace is beautiful! This one ran truer to size; I expected to have to size up and was indeed a 4 in this.

I tried on a 2, my usual shift size, in this. The blue color and lace detail is very pretty, and this shift was a normal length (yay!). I had high hopes for this one, but when I put it on I felt like the stripes hit me funny. The body of the dress was also boxier than I'm used to, while the bust was smaller. This seems to be a common theme for the fit of this collection.

When the dress was released: Tusk In Sun is back!! In pink!!!!
Seeing the dress in person: Oh my. This is... very neon.

Now, you all know me and my pink... for me to say something is a shade too bright of pink, it's gotta be really, really pink. Sadly, it was too neon for me and my corpse-pallor-winter-complexion. The color would look great on someone blessed with a tanner skin tone. I still love this print (because I mean, who doesn't love elephants?), so I may end up getting a smaller dose of it à la the Buttercup Scallop Shorts.

The biggest letdown, though, was the fit. Usually, Delias fit me great. This one, however, made me feel like I was wearing a dress meant for children. Not only was it super short, but despite trying it in a 4 instead of my usual 2, it was a little tight through the bust and shoulders but very boxy through the body. If you're shorter and have a smaller bust or a similar waist-to-bust ratio, this dress would be so cute! I love the bow detail on the back and lace detail around the zipper.

I LOVED this tunic! It did run small, the XS was very snug. The only reason I didn't buy it in navy (pictured below) was because it's navy. I've recently admitted to myself that a larger percentage of my closet is navy than it probably should be, so I've been trying not to acquire anything new in that color. It was really hard to walk away from this one as it's the perfect coverup for beach trips or poolside lounging.


Things I didn't have time to try on but looked amazing in person: MacFarlane Shift Dress in Shorely Blue Sea Cups, Percy Iridescent Shift Dress (is anyone getting married and needs a dress for their rehearsal dinner? Please get this so I can live vicariously through you), Marigold Skort in Pink Colony, Adie Short in Chasing Tail.

Overall impressions: this collection is great for the more petite Lilly fans, but hard to wear for taller girls or if you have a larger bust-to-waist ratio. Everything also seems to be running on the smaller side, so I'd recommend going up 1 from your normal Lilly size.

What are your thoughts on the current collection?

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  1. Their new elephant dresses are my favorite!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. I hate how short their new collection is.
    That's my one complaint.
    I feel like they should be catering to everyone and if they're going to start making things shorter then they should include a petite line and then the regular line and have the regular line be longer.
    Just my two cents.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. II'm 5'10, and I have a really hard time finding dresses that are a decent length on me, even if they're normal length on others. It's a bummer that this line is running so small because I was looking forward to it!

  4. I really love the elephant print! Hope you got that one :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  5. Thank you! Sadly I did not- I wish I was shorter! This collection is definitely cut for a different body type :(

  6. Right?? I could always count on Lilly to be a good length! I'm so sad the dresses I really like are running so short.

  7. Totally agree. I think a petite option would be a great idea!

  8. It now comes in a light blue color! I love that one too!