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Splurge vs. Save: Distressed Denim

 I have always wanted to do a splurge vs. save post, and I took Boston Belle out of its mini-hiatus to do my first one because I thought these were too good not to share! I have been hunting for a good pair of distressed jeans for awhile now, and was struggling to find a pair that wasn't overly destroyed, but wasn't just two knee slits either, and most importantly, affordable. Since buying my horse, Enzo, my non-equestrian shopping has been limited. As much as I loved some of the distressed denim that I saw on bloggers, I couldn't justify spending $150+ on one pair of jeans (and I could just hear my grandmother now: "you paid how much to have holes put in your pants??"). So I was thrilled to finally find not only a medium-wash pair, but a black pair as well... on sale, for $34!