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Off The Shoulder Dress in Cancun

Topshop dress (old, most similar + more options below) | Kate Spade crossbody (similar) | Loren Hope earrings (old, but love her classic style) | Target wedges | J. Crew bangle (similar) & Ralph Lauren bit bracelet (similar)

This day in Cancun we were enjoying our time by the pool a bit too much and stayed out later than usual. Hence the "shoot, the light's gone and we're rushing off to dinner and I just showered but this dress is so cute I'm determined to take blog photos anyway" look. Whoops. It was definitely one of the times I wish I could blow dry my hair!! (Even with a diffuser it usually gets too poofy, so 99% of the time I air dry it. #curlyhairproblems)

The positive of having to take these photos inside is that you get to see a little of the resort's architecture and design! It was almost a mix of baroque and colonial- very grand with lots of details.

I bought this dress last year, and am so happy that the off the shoulder trend gained traction and is big this year because it's one of my favorite silhouettes! I was always afraid to try it because I have broad shoulders, but after experimenting I've found that as long as I get the right cut and size they're easy to pull off.

Two (possibly 3) more posts to come from our trip, so keep an eye out! :)

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